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iYogi Support Dock is a computer maintenance suite for Windows. There are four different versions or plans: SD Premium, Support Dock, SD PC Optimizer, and SD Home Net Manager. They all slightly vary in the features that they offer, but most share the same core features. These are tools that scan your computer for errors and delete files that you may not need thus cleaning up space. They are usually called PC optimization tools.

I tested the trial version, which comes with the basic features, but also allows you to download some of the components for the most advanced features. After I installed the application, a row of buttons appeared at the top of the screen. From there, I clicked on "Smart PC Care". The application prompted me to start a scan, which carried out different types of scans automatically. There were four different categories: Disk performance and space scan, Security related scan, System drivers scan, and Registry related problems scan. The app started scanning, but a C++ runtime library error appeared, which stopped the first scan. The other scans worked well, and when the system drivers were scanned, a pop-up warning came up saying that an iYogi technician should guide me through the process. Apparently, the more expensive plans give you access to iYogi technicians who can help you with the application and other problems on your computer. Since the trial version does not include that feature, I can't say anything about it, apart from that I think it is a nice feature. After the scan was completed, I was told how many problems my computer had and I chose to optimize it by solving them. The process took a while because some drivers were downloaded from the Internet. According to Support Dock, all my problems were now fixed. I didn't even know I had them. After a system reboot, everything was still normal. I can't say for sure that this, or any other optimizer, will work for you. You should download the trial and test it for yourself for your specific problems.

All in all, other than that C++ error I mentioned, my time with iYogi Support Dock was without problems. Of course, the trial version is simply a PC optimizer, but if you get the more expensive versions you are getting a lot more features and maybe your own personal computer guy.

I contacted the iYogi support team and they were extremely helpful. In no time, a very nice representative connected to my computer remotely and solved the problem by repairing the VC++ library. If they always provide support like this, paying the full app price might not be a bad idea.

José Fernández
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  • An error, but I was helped by support very quickly
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